Web hosting – Windows vs Linux

Web hosting – Windows vs Linux

One who wants to launch a website or blog of their own, one question arises first. That is ” Which platform we need to choose for web hosting  either windows or linux“.

The choice of hosting platform is not governed by the operating system that is being used on users desktop computers. Both the platforms are easily compatible with users desktop computers. What one must know,  however, before buying a hosting platform is the requirement and working preferences of their technicians? If the personnel using hosting platform is more comfortable with windows then it is better to choose windows over linux.

Price and Stability in web hosting:

Saying that, if we go by the sayings of software engineers Linux is much more effective than Windows. If we compare the two on basis of price, most important factor, then Linux is much cheap then windows. Be it a dedicated server or a shared one,  the cost of using a linux server is much cheaper than windows. Also the stability of server is more in linux as compared to windows. The number of processes that can be used in linux at one point of time are much more than windows. This means that stability of windows decrease with increase in processes being used at one point of time.

Programming Language compatibility in web hosting:

If we go by above discussion we would rather decide to buy a linux server before thinking twice. But we should also reflect what on programming language we are planning to use. The most common languages and disputed ones are PHP and ASP. Whereas PHP is compatible and can be used on both Linux as well as Windows ASP and ASP.Net can only be used on Windows Hosting. Therefore if your work is mostly based on ASP you should go for Windows servers rather than Linux. Also Windows hosting integrate much better with other Microsoft applications then Linux.

So before making a choice for hosting language one must be very clear what are they looking for and then make necessary choices.

Tips: Ask web hosting service providers and your webmaster or programmers ideas on platform we need to choose. Most web hosting service providers giving chance to transfer between web hosting platforms at some cost. If you are making a personal profile site or blog, you can test which is better platform by losing some bucks but if you are a company or business, you need to choose carefully, because clients never excuses you.