What is Virtual Private Server Web Hosting?

Virtual Private Servers offer hosting customers a great balance between the control and power of a dedicated server, but at very affordable prices as compared to shared hosting. Virtual Private Servers, also known as VPS, Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS), or virtual server hosting, offer developers and web hosting resellers an excellent way of maximizing hosting… Read More »

choosing windows web hosting for applications

Windows/ XP Web hosting provides web hosting on Windows operating system platform. Microsoft Corporation provides host based software operating system for servers. Windows XP web hosting programs are considered to be easy to cope with, reliable and inexpensive. The simplicity of the Windows XP operating system is what stands out with these applications. Windows provides… Read More »

Understanding Free Web Hosting Services

Free web hosting is the most basic web hosting service that you can obtain and there are many free hosting companies that are available on the internet. Free hosting services are usually financed by advertisements on web sites that are hosted. Free web hosting services are extremely limited. If you get a free hosting service… Read More »

What is Web Hosting?

A web hosting service provides a service that allows individuals and businesses to post web pages to the internet. A web hosting service provider sells or for free (with advertisements on the web page) is a business that provides the servers and technologies to view web-sites on the internet. Web hosting services are services that… Read More »

Free Web Hosting for college events

Free web hosting sound so tempting.  Like everything else that is free, however, there is usually a catch.  The catch is usually the fact that the web host will put ads on your website over which you have no control.  This is the price you pay for your free website. You cannot blame the host. … Read More »

Choosing Shared Web Hosting or dedicated server for your website

Shared web hosting is a way to get your website online with a reliable server. It has drawbacks when compared with a dedicated server. Depending on your type of business, or reason for your website, you may be better off using shared web hosting. The following types of websites are much better off using shared… Read More »

Earning money with Reseller Web Hosting

What is Reseller Web Hosting? Reseller web hosting gives a company an opportunity to purchase large amounts of web space with the intention of packaging it for resale purposes. These web hosting plans, help the “reseller” to be a middle-man by allowing him/her to create and brand an image, find customers, and finally, host them… Read More »